Gilded Cage Smacks Of Sanctuary by Dennis Mahagin

A fine
fine line
indeed — knots on
the nylons
binding wrists
to bedposts,
musky blindfold
of thong and pasties
like swimmers’ goggles,
and her hot
from my ear:

“What makes you think
I would ever let you leave, darling?”

She pulls back
the tangy
panty gag
from my lips
just long enough
to let me gasp
in reply:

“What makes you think
I would ever want to?”

There is a smattering
of ecstatic applause
from the mockingbirds
and grackles
in the birch branches
just outside our window —
then her fingers
dig into the drenched
nest of hair
on my heaving chest

and it starts up
all over again.