The Trees That Change Our Lives By Gary Soto

When I was twenty I walked past
The lady I would marry –
Cross-legged on the porch,
She was cracking walnuts
with a hammer, a jar
At her side. I had come
From the store, swinging
A carton of cold beers,
And when I looked she smiled.
And that was all, until
I came back, flushed,
Glowing like a lantern
Against a backdrop
Of silly one-liners –
Cute-face, peaches, baby-lips.

We talked rain, cats,
About rain on cats,
And later went inside
For a sandwich, a glass
of milk, sweets.
Still later, a month later,
We were going at one
Another on the couch, bed,
In the bathtub
And its backwash of bubbles,
Snapping. So it went,
And how strangely: the walnut
Tree had dropped its hard
Fruit, and they, in turn,
Were dropped into a paper
Bag, a jar, then into
the dough that was twisted
Into bread for the love
Of my mouth, so
It might keep talking.