Lovers Duet By Wendy Lee

What began as an urge to satisfy
something primal in me,
became a desire to unite deeply
with you.

I rose in love to your touch.
I lost myself in the fullness of your kiss,
the silky glide of your arms,
the strong harbor of your thighs,
the heat of your body
inside mine.

I opened to you
as you opened to me,
parting barriers unfelt until
we pressed freely beyond their sphere.

You moved with love,
holding me firmly,
giving me pleasure,
carefully stroking me fuller, harder,
more vulnerable.

Beyond the rattle of the clock
and the confines of the room.
Beyond cumbersome egos
and the constant pressure of earthly concerns.

Into an ancient rhythmical dance,
a duet of quickening passions,
breathless friction,
breathful sighs.
Your joy beckoned mine,
and mine yours.

Steadily rocking,
rolling through cannonball bursts
and delicate pulsations.
We came cheek to cheek,
sharing a sweet throaty song
of I Love Yous.